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Fil-Tec EMBROIDERY bobbins
Fil-Tec Embroidery Bobbins & Bobbin Thread

Fil-Tec manufactures the highest quality bobbins available. They have been a true innovator in the embroidery industry, creating new products to solve old problems. Magna-Glide magnetic core bobbins are quickly becoming our best selling commercial bobbin. They are smooth running with a constant tension through the entire bobbin. Clear-Glide plastic sided bobbins use the same thread as the Magna-Glide bobbins but are wound on a clear plastic sided bobbin. These are prefect for machines with drop in bobbin cases. Clear Glide machine embroidery bobbins are available in a wide variety of colors. Fil-Tec also manufactures Bobbin-Line polyester embroidery bobbin thread. Each spool is wound with high tenacity polyester filament yarn. Can be used as a sewing thread for delicate fabrics. Makes a smooth running embroidery bobbin for easy sewing. Identical thread that is on Magna Glide & Clear Glide bobbins.

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Magna-Glide Embroidery Bobbins
Uniform Tension Control Our patented magnetic core creates consistent delivery throughout the entire bobbin. No more interruptions for tension adjustments as your bobbin gets smaller. Magnetic core prevents backlash or over spin and eliminates the need for backlash springs

High Quality Yarn Fil-Tec uses only the finest quality, high tenacity polyester yarns to make it patented magnetic core embroidery bobbin. Fewer Bobbin Changes Our magnetic core bobbin offers significantly more stitches per bobbin reducing defects and increasing productivity.

Clean Running Advanced EB cross-link technology reduces lint and residual build-up in the bobbin case and tension spring. The result is a more trouble-free bobbin. Made in the USA Magna-Glide Classic bobbins are proudly produced by Fil-Tec in the United States. Fil-Tec is a strong supporter of American manufacturing.

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Clear-Glide Embroidery Bobbins
Clear Glide is wound on a plastic sided bobbin shell. Because of this, it is not affected by humidity or oils. It is responsive to machine thread sensors so you don't have to worry about your yardage. Clear-Glide offers more stitches or yards per bobbin than both competitive and machine wound bobbins. It is the ideal bobbin for home embroidery.
Clear Glide embroidery bobbins are available in both Style L and Style A (Class 15).

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Bobbin-Line Polyester Bobbin Thread
Fil-Tec Bobbin Line is a great bobbin thread for machine embroidery, quilting and general sewing. It is wound with same high quality thread used to make our Magna-Glide and Clear-Glide pre-wound bobbins providing a smooth, uniform thread surface provides optimum tension control. Bobbin line bobbin thread provides high yardage, continuous filament polyester thread for all your bobbin needs.

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